Friday, August 26, 2016

FBI promotes child pornography?

This may be the connection to why thousands of missing children in the USA or throughout the world remain unaccounted for. Plus it's rare for the FBI to be involved in the investigation of child porn rings, other than local and state law enforcement. - FUA

Last January, Corey Rayburn Yung of the University of Kansas School of Law declared that there were some allegations which pointed to the direction that the FBI was implicitly promoting child pornography. Yung moved on to write,

“If the allegations against the F.B.I. are true regarding its control of the network [child pornography] for approximately two weeks, it actively participated in the revictimization of those depicted in child pornography with no possibility of controlling distribution.”[1]

Yung declared that “In 1982, in New York v. Ferber, the Supreme Court held that child pornography was not protected under the First Amendment.”[2]

Elizabeth E. Joh of the University of California School of Law responded by saying,

“Participating in the distribution of child pornography is a federal crime. But that’s exactly what the F.B.I. did in this case. In order to identify more than 1,000 people suspected of trading in child pornography, the F.B.I. operated a child pornography website for nearly two weeks.

“During that period, more than 23,000 images of child pornography were available for viewing, downloading and endless reproduction in ways completely beyond the F.B.I.’s control. In short: The government has criminalized an activity and acted to further the commission of just that crime.”[3]

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Sirens Sound In Moscow - Russia On Full alert?

This video is from William Mount on Youtube, watch it to see what may have prompted the Russians to go on military alert in Moscow. - FUA

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Agenda 21 Policies Call for 90% Depopulation of the US

Vision 2050 has become the new Agenda 21, and the call for population reduction has not changed. Sadly, this doesn't involve putting people like you and me on a spaceship to Mars or some other star system. - FUA

Four years ago,
a Medford, Oregon  man was jailed for collecting rainwater and snow
runoff on his very own property while the developing world is trashing
their environment at alarming rates, suffocating waterways, rivers, and
lakes with trash and other forms of pollution.

Agenda 21 have morphed into Agenda 2030 which has now morphed into Vision 2050. In the video below are the noteworthy and provisions of the newest flavor of Agenda 21.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pokemon Go is linked to the CIA? Players, beware!

Strange as this may sound, conspiracy researchers online have said that the smartphone game app Pokemon Go is linked to the CIA - if so, then it's no surprise that governments have backdoors to many of the computer and smartphone applications that we are using right now. Crazed Pokemon fans, beware! - FUA

The ‘augmented reality’ mobile game Pokémon Go, which uses the player’s smartphone camera to ‘add’ Pokémon to real-world locations, has ties to the CIA.

The developer of Pokémon Go, Niantic, Inc., was founded by John Hanke, who previously received funding from the CIA’s venture capital firm In-Q-Tel to develop what eventually became Google Earth.

In-Q-Tel was once described as an “independent strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community.”

It’s easy to see why the CIA would have an interest in the software behind Pokémon Go; the game utilizes the player’s camera and gyroscope to display an image of a Pokémon as though it were in the real world, such as the player’s apartment complex or workplace bathroom.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

George Soros Money Behind “FTP” and “Black Lives Matter”

Well we followed the money to how Black Lives Matter came into being, and the money trail led to George Soros, one of the people of the international banking cartel. BLM is just a psyop movement, a mind game to put one human up against another. Whatever happens after the Dallas shootings of those cops, do not turn on each other. The primary enemy are those whose faces that are not yet to be seen by the public. - FUA

(Washington Times) There’s a solitary man at the financial center of the Ferguson protest movement. No, it’s not victim Michael Brown or Officer Darren Wilson. It’s not even the Rev. Al Sharpton, despite his ubiquitous campaign on TV and the streets.

Rather, it’s liberal billionaire George Soros, who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe while forging a political machine powered by nonprofit foundations that impacts American politics and policy, not unlike what he did with

Mr. Soros spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to interviews with key players and financial records reviewed by The Washington Times.

In all, Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundations.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Global Elite Begin Barricading Site of Bilderberg 2016

As always, the elites beef up their security at their Bilderberg meetings, including this one. - FUA

Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton tweeted a pic of the cordon going up around the building Monday, where some 150 world leaders, heads of state, technological figures and journalists are set to meet later this week.

German paper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung ( reports the elite will also be erecting a “high fence” left over from a G7 meeting of finance ministers which took place at the hotel over a year ago.

Security at this year’s secretive meeting is expected to be tight, with the City of Dresden establishing a large “security restricted area” around the hotel starting at noon on Wednesday, June 8 til 4PM Sunday, June 12.

“During this time, demonstrations in the field are completely banned,” reports “The ‘formation of crowds with more than 15 people is forbidden.'”

An official list of this year’s participants and meeting topics have yet to be released.

Foreign newspapers, however, are reporting on an assortment of
invited guests, including Free State of Saxony Prime Minister Stanislaw
Tillich, former European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, and NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg.

As well, “The heads of Google, Shell, BP and Deutsche Bank will be there,” according to Skelton, “and Brexit will be top of the agenda.”

Infowars reporters will be on the ground at the venue throughout the week.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another Frustrating Abuse of Your Rights – But This Time It’s Not By The NSA

Did you know that the FBI had an interest in call phone spying? Seems the NSA wasn't the only agency that has been tracking cell phone calls from people around the world. -  FUA

The National Security Administration (NSA) is on my short list of Federal agencies that need to be completely disbanded and disappear. They overstep the Constitution with everything that they do. Unfortunately, however, they are not the only group that seems to think that it’s okay to break the law “to protect us.”

This time the story isn’t about the NSA; it’s about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In December 2012, the FBI ordered state and local law enforcement organizations to keep quiet about FBI surveillance of mobile phones. This requirement is still in effect.

Basically, your local police departments are not allowed to tell you that the FBI can both listen to your mobile phone calls and track you based on your mobile phone’s signal.

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